Our Commitment

Real Food From Real Ranchers

We believe in nurturing the land, our sheep and the ranching families who care for them.

We partner with 120 individual ranches near Goldthwaite, TX to provide the highest quality, verified all natural Dorper lamb.  Our ranchers share our values of good stewardship of land and livestock.

From small family owned ranches with as few as 10 sheep to larger operations with >3000 sheep, Capra lamb partners are united in their commitment to sustainable, high humane practices.

Capra Premium Lamb, in partnership with Global Animal Partnership (http://www.globalanimalpartnership.org), is making a difference in the welfare of farm animals.  We strive for the highest rating in all of our practices.

Our Commitment:

  1. 100% Pasture raised in Central Texas
  2. Vegetarian diet that includes native grasses and plants
  3. No antibiotics or growth hormones
  4. Humane handling – animals are not altered in any way

We believe in humane handling practices and animal welfare, so we comply with all federal standards for HAACP, Humane Handling and Food Safety.

We believe in accountability, integrity and transparency, so we voluntarily submit to third party audits and certifications performed by Food Safety Net Services.