The Lamb Revolution

The Lamb Revolution

Capra Premium Dorper lamb, unlike any other in the world, comes from hair sheep, bred for meat not wool.  Capra Premium Dorper lamb is a specialty product, developed over many years, to provide the best taste, quality and tenderness unlike commodity lamb programs built on wool production.

Our Certified Dorper Lamb, mild and delicate flavored, is a very lean meat that works well with a variety off cooking techniques and recipes. The animals are much leaner, so fat, a primary source of distaste in other lamb products, is virtually eliminated. There is literally no trimming required with Dorper meat.

Like quinoa, coconut oil and hemp powder, customers are learning how easy it is to incorporate high quality, all natural Capra Dorper lamb into their regular menu.

From burgers and sausage to slow cooked shoulder roast , Capra Premium Dorper Lamb works well with a variety off cooking techniques and recipes. See Our Table Page for recipes.

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